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What is your favorite character from video games? | And why?

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Hi guys! I'm interested in your favorite character, and the reason why he's/she's your favorite? laugh


I really have a lot of favorites. But the one who left the most impressions on me is RufusRufus is the playable protagonist of the Deponia series. He lives on Deponia, the trash planet, but dreams of living in the beautiful floating city of Elysium, and constantly concocts new schemes to get there. Rufus is an antihero, lacking empathy or morals. He is egotistical and selfish, though sometimes claiming his actions are for the benefit of others, Rufus main motivation is to satisfy his own goals, often at the harm of someone else. He is clumsy, 
but somehow playing Deponia, I started to adore it more and more. Somehow in all that grayness around him, he radiates laughter and comedy.
Here is my top 5:
Rufus (Deponia series)
Kate Walker (Syberia series)
King Rastakhan (World of Warcraft)
Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)
Geralt of Rivia (Witcher) ...
Tell me about you favorite characters? :D
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Geralt of Rivia - The Witcher.

Joel - The last of us.

Ezio Auditore - Assassin's Creed.

Dante - Devil May cry.

I'm a fan of GLaDoS from Portal, she has very well written snarky dialogue, which pretty much carries the series.

Also Cortana from Halo. Despite her functional role as a "sidekick helper/prompt" within the gameplay, she is so much more in her relationship with Master Chief which is interesting, very developed and uncommon for conventional AI characters.

Jak & Daxter, they made and already fun game series even more enjoyable