How to leave quarantine with some semblance of sanity

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Are you bored and slowly going insane? I know I am. I wrote a poem the other day. I don't even like poems. So in order to stave off the ever aproching insanity, you can follow my three steps to leave quarantine with some semblance of sanity.

Step one, find something to do other than computer games.

If you want to leave quarantine and still be able to see farther than one foot in front of you without everything being blurier than the line between news and entertaiment, I recomend doing something other than computer games every once and a while, such as watching tv.

Step two, get together with the boys.

If your reading this, then your probobly a gamer, so get your friends together and play a game. If your friends are lame and don't play games, then I recomend, it will be fun for you and your simpleminded friends.

Step Three, find a new hobbie.

Build a model, read a book, or take the time to finally learn Dungeons and Dradons. I just started reading The Rising of the Shield Hero the other day, and to my suprise, I found out that I like reading, so mayhap there is something you like to do that you don't know about, like personal hygien.


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