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The POE arcane helmet and horns (rant)

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Hope the few people that managed to get anything out of this are happy, but most of us wasted quite some time and activity for absolutely nothing.

First the horns that were supposed to be given away after registering, and now are only for level 5+ members, thing that takes a stupid amount of work and time and is honestly not even worth it anymore (spent the last 3 days trading upvotes, making threads and being active overall and i'm still level 3). Also i'm pretty sure the horns are/will be out of stock already/very soon. 

And second the arcane helmet. 4 days here for nothing because the keys went out of stock so fast its actually crazy.

This has been a complete scam. My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

They got their activity on the site for these 4 days, hope they're happy because we're clearly not

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From what I've gathered both "rewards" are out of stock no matter what level you are. It's widely known that their hardware is overpriced garbage, but it seems the whole package is rotten.

I'm just disappointed that they deleted my post where I show they are deceiving the new guys who are joining / who learned about the giveaway late because they don't show that they are out of keys to those who have not reached Day-4 yet. They want you to still play their game when they very well know that they are out of keys. :/


If this post gets removed... I'm honestly not going to be surprised.
I'm just glad someone else posted their Day-4 pic. At least I won't be wasting anymore of my time here except warn people not to waste theirs cause the horns and arcane helmet are all out.


This gives you a pretty good explanation on the details of the giveaway. TL;DR: GGG gave a small amount of keys for what is a big community/demand.