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Lost 40 ARP !?

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yesterday I was level 4 with 85 ARP total now i'm level 3 with 45 ARP? Well, I don't even wanna ask or anything. Just wanted to say that gl yall to think this leveling method is good. Isn't worth for just a pair of horns. Cya

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same thing happened to me. Made a few threads, traded upvotes and everything yesterday, and now i'm like 6arp less than the day before. 

Honestly start thinking they are scamming us just to boost their site activity. People are spending hours on the forums and are still stuck on level 3, fishy to say the least

Community Gain (“CG”)

  • Every post (video, image, thread, news or other posts, except for replies) has a hidden behind-the-scenes CG score.
  • CG is affected by other members voting on your posts.  As your post’s CG raises (based on the net from upvotes and downvotes), you will gain additional ARP.  
  • Members with higher ARP Levels, affect CG greater than lower ARP Levels.
  • CG scores and voting values are not publicly viewable.
  • The number viewable on each post shows the total number of upvotes minus the total number of downvotes, not the post’s hidden CG score.
  • If a post’s CG score drops below a certain threshold (based on the number of downvotes), the post will be automatically hidden and marked for review. If it is subsequently removed by an admin because it violates the TOS (such as SPAM, offensive, discriminatory, etc.), the following ARP deductions will occur.
    • Loss of all ARP gained from the post.
    • Loss of an additional 10 ARP.
    • Loss of 1 ARP for any member who upvoted the removed post.

Usually when users lose ARP it's from one of the following reasons:

They made several spam post ("vote for vote" or "up vote me" for example)

or they up-voted said spam post


I know some of spam was cleaned up last night so that's likely the reason.


.-. don't support spam and everything's groovy.