Delierium: Creating the strange voice

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An interesting insight into the strange voice that everyone would of heard whenever you walk into the mirror in your journey. I do have to wonder if it is the player's inside voice taunting them or a God watching over you.

The voice tends to state some strange relations to the Gods so maybe we might see this mystery being in another season.

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This strange voice uses replicas of various characters that we have been in contact with throughout the game. In the same way that voice sometimes changes from male to female, what can you say about the fact that it is an angel or a demon.

After completing 12th challenge of Delirium and getting these MTX Horns
while standing in your hideout without moving for like 5 minutes

If you have horns equipped on your character you can hear a whispers of the strange voice saying this
Strange Voice : I'm thirsty
Strange Voice : Notice me exile