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Fortnite, yay or nay. What do you all think?

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so recently my kids have gotten me into fortnite, i hate to say that this game is very addictive for me. i love all the cosmetics and the game play is actually reall good. what all yall thoughts  on this game. chapter 2 season 2 battle pass worth it or not?

please correct me if i did this wrong or post it in the wrong section.

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well you can farm the needed "cash" in the pve part save the world but that would require you to ofc buy that first

nay. try dying light bad blood or the cycle for a better battle royale game. the cycle is free on epic and bad blood is free if you own dying light on pc or ps4. honestly I have not tried bad blood yet but dying light was great so I am expecting it to be good

It's all about the game feel. I personally don't play battle royals. I hate the drop to the ground and pick up your weapon and be the last one standing. 


I prefer overwatch, quake, any classic objective or deathmatch game.

The reason I prefer objective or classic deathmatch type games is because of:

1. Game feel. The game has to feel good. When I play overwatch, I play all the damage characters but primarily play the tank heros and kick serious ass with all of them.

Why would I play tank heros? Why is reinhardt my favorite hero? 

Well, the feel of how I play reinhardt and how I use the shield to control the opposition is incredibly satisfying. I may not have killed a single enemy teammate but when I use my shield to block enemy fire and tell my teammates where to go through movement, is on another level. The fact that I can bait out an enemy reinhardt when the hammer goes down is one of the best feelings of strategy. When I play reinhardt I can feel the style of how to play the hero. I love that feeling. I feel limitless until I die and get to do it again. The downside is that you are more aware of your other teammates and talk a bunch of $#!T when they do not play the game right.

blah blah blah I can go on and on but overwatch is my main game as much as you like fortnite. The game feel is very important to me. Also, when I don't feel like playing quick play or competitive, I can practice my skills in deathmatch, ana paintball. My 2 most favorite game modes. 

When I play extremely good one day, I will play terrible the next day. It's just one of those games that I hate and love and want to uninstall but keep reinstalling it.

Im going to do something else..


I feel it's a rite of passage to have played battle royale games at least once whether everyone for themselves or team match style.

If you like the game, play it.

Teenager me would've loved it but I was playing MMOs with friends back then, and a tiny bit of CS.

Everybody has his/her own taste if you enjoy it go ahead since you are playing it not them.

If you don't like it RUN AWAY and hide underneat your bed! xD