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 New Balance tests kicks off on February 10. It will involve numerous potential changes and reward active participants with days of WoT Premium Account. Everyone can take part in testing—you just need to download and install a special client.

You should watch this video for info

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World of Tanks in 2020 is worse than ever.

First we get hit by black market which earned WG millions, and screwed up the matchmaker and friendliness towards new players.
They sold SU-76I, a ridiculously OP td in tier 3, it's basically an E25 with armor and 4 tiers lower. Then there was LeFHb2, which is self explanatory. Then there was Pz. 38H, a premium version of hotchkiss H35 for "only" 9500 gold. So you have 3 tiers that are totally screwed up for new players now, if there are any. They pushed newcomers away because they wanted to make a quick buck.

Now this rebalance test.
Newsflash, it's not a rebalance, it's just proportionally changed numbers.
For example, the IS-4 got buffed from 2400hp to 3100hp, which is roughly 30%.
But also it recieved the alpha dmg buff also by around 30%

To add insult to injury, they made the artillery even more frustrating.
First they "nerfed" it a couple of years ago which allowed them to score a hit more often, because they buffed the accuracy and the reload times, and they also added the stun mechanic.
Now on top of all those "nerfs" they made them do the damage they used to do a couple of years ago. Except they reload faster. And they are more accurate. And they stun.

Finally, the tech tree reconfiguration.
They didn't make it any easier for players.
Some tech trees were really stretched out because they had a fixed number of slots vertically so they had to place the same tier in more columns. It was just a lousy design.
Now they removed almost a hundred of tanks, claiming it would be easier, but in reality, it's gonna be a lot harder.
To explain, take for example the Tiger P.
On the live server, you can research four tanks from it. Tiger 1, VK100.01P, VK45.02A and Ferdinand all researchable from one tank. Four branches splitting from a single tier 7.
The new tech tree completely  removed that, with branches splitting at much lower tiers, so you will have to play 3 tier 5s, 3 tier 6s, 3 tier 7s, and only then will one split at tier 8.
Also by removing some of the tanks, like the KV-85 and splitting the british light tank line, they bumped up tanks that shouldn't be there in that spot. KV-1S which is a faster and worse armored KV-1S will be a tier 6. Crusader, which was a mediocre light, then a medium tank, also got stuck in tier 6. It's gonna be really fun trying to do damage to tier 8s with it's 40mm gun when it's stock.

Well, the worst improvment in year's :

remove 92 tanks

overbuff off the heavy and super heavy with the armor buff for all

news gold ammo for arty's

nerf derp gun's except KV2 and KV2 R, the derp gameplay for hetzer and other derp tanks will be gone