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Will Alienware Concept UFO redefine portable PC gaming?

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I see the Concept UFO as a stepping stone but the only problem I see it having is the launchers. Since it's portable, I see it making setbacks that Nintendo did with their switch to make it affordable. If the people who are building are going all out, I'll say it'll be worth getting. The only issue I have it is the launchers on something portable. I'm thinking that background apps will mess it up depending on the hardware being used. 

The launchers I see it running is Steam, Microsoft Windows 10 Store, Epic Games Store, maybe Blizzard, and a Alienware launcher if possible. I'm not a huge tech person but I can somewhat see the possible problems with it. 

This has potential so the makers of this should take their time.

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its a concept piece, with no production plans announced. 

battery life and heat dissipation will be the biggest challenges, but definitely a handsome prototype.

Oh, I hope not! 

PC Gamers DO NOT want gimmicks. Gimmicks are the over-used and poorly thought out tricks of the consoles which is why Nintendo has had such a hard time focussing on a decent controller, and the X-Box and Playstation's controllers require you to grow extra fingers. Seriously, NO MORE GIMMICKS!

Understand this: PC Gamers want stability, reliability and playability. Hence, Alienware needs to remember the "K.I.S.S. Rule"...

"Keep it simple, stupid."

Perhaps that is why I so loved the Sony PSP (not Vita). It was a simple and easy to manage system that could play games, movies and music fresh out of the box with absolutely no cheesy gimmicks. Now, if the Alienware UFO could duplicate the Sony PSP but let PC Gamers play their games from Steam, Origin, Uplay, Gog and Epic... and maybe even access their iTunes Movies and Music collections, Alienware could easily hit a home-run.


I think concept UFO is still a ways off. To make it have the capability to play all games on pc in a portable tablet device is an insane reach. Besides the technological hurdles, the product must be affordable. Compared to the switch, I would estimate that the UFO would stay around the $900-1100 mark. That is if it has all the capabilities of a gaming pc. 

If it ever becomes available, functional, and affordable, id definitely give them my money! XD

We will have to wait and see. The biggest issue with consoles today (and the reason they sell them losing money) is that they require more power to achieve what people expect from newer generations, meaning, bigger/better PSUs, processors, cooling systems, and this requires physical space, and money. They are with each generation getting closer to a regular pc.

Will this Alienware concept work? We will have to wait and see if it is able to get around those things.