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WoT question

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What are some good stats for my first account with about 9k battles. I see these guys with 10k being like top 10, so I'm guessing it's not their first account. Or do I just suck? 

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I only compare how I play from day to day, to try and improve, You only suck if you have set your personal achievement bar too high.

MudBlaster said:

What do you mean by "good stats?" Could you please explain more.

I mean like WN8, win rate and stuff

Don't get caught up in that garbage, the WoT player base as a whole could care less about that, nor should you. Care about learning. Watch Quickybaby on YouTube:

Even though you wont play like this guy (likely the best in the world) learning some of his tricks makes a massive difference.

Those who get hung up on "look at your win rate, trash, uninstall" are angry unloved people who simply need a hug. Ignore the lot of them.

Good players who want to join a clan often create a "reroll account" to have better stats in order to be recruited by good clans.

Some other players play only tanks that have very good dpm and the best potential in term of WN8 (T67, T34, Marder, Cromwell, Patton etc...).

Players with good stats play only their tanks when they are 100%, with equipement + good crews.

You can play for the stats, or not.

Hey buddy. I'm at around 10k battles too and been having the account for more than 5 years now. I've been playing on and off, and for the past 6 months I have greatly increased my skill level. 

So the past games you had might have ruined your WN8 or EFF but that doesn't mean you can't be way above your WN8 rating based on your current skill level. 

As to answer your latter question, some of the players you see might have reset their account after they were confident they will perform well or some even started a new account and played to their best, just for that rating. 

Just keep in mind the rating and numbers you see there might not reflect their skill.