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Power surges

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Im using an old extension lead to connect my pc and xbox one, If I plug to many in at the same time it doesnt work Also the wire must be loose because If i touch and move it the power go's off. I want to buy a surge protector but I dont know what to go for. Can anyone tell me what I should be going for please I'm using european plug sockets

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You should look out for the wattage of all the devices you are plugging, you can end up with damaged hardware if you are not careful. I'll try to give you some tips:

Look for the labels on the rear/bottom, you should see something like 60w, 200w, etc...
For your pc, check the specs of your power supply, it will give you the maximum wattage, and/or look for an online psu calculator; those let you choose the components you have installed, and show power consumption of each part.

The sum of all the hardware watts should not exceed the capacity of your cord/surge protector. Same for the Amps.
To calculate how many amps you are using with you equipment, divide the total wattage by the voltage of your outlet. If you live in Europe, it should be 220v; so if you are getting a total of say, 1000 watts, then you have approximately 4.5 amps.

As I said before, be careful to not exceed the wattage and amperage of your power cord, and to be safe, leave a margin. Oh, and if the wire is loose, and not making good contact, you should change it ASAP. One day it can stop working without any consequences, but depending on the failure, it can also overheat and burn, with a risk of damaging equipment and starting a fire. Not that it will happen to you, but it can happen.

Buy a UPS and a surge protector.

APC and CyberPower are the most reliable UPS brands and it should be one of the first things you invest in, along with purchasing a PC. I also live in a part of Europe that's prone to power outages and voltage spikes. 

Better safe than sorry.