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Arp Boost 2x on 21 and 3x on 28?

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how can i use this shown arp boosts on the calender?

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thx - does this mean i have to click on the symbol on the calendar on this days and can use them later ? or should i activate them now to use them later?

Once you reach the daily login days, you will get the boosters, no need to click anything. You can use them any moment after that.
To activate, click on your profile picture on the upper right corner, and then on Activate Booster; you'll be redirected to your rewards page. Click on the booster you want, and activate it with the button on the left.

Mumbo777 said:

Was wondering there is that Activate button and still cant find it . Can u make a screen pic ? I cudnt activate it since the day i got my 1st buff


After you click on the boost there should be an activate button on upper left hand side.


Mumbo777 said:

Brave browser , latest version. No such button 

Are these all your rewards - looks like you don't have boosters in your rewards section.

Mumbo777 said:

Brave browser , latest version. No such button 

Like AxeAw said, you can only activate some of the rewards, like boosters. When you click on another thing, like a badge, you will only see a title/description to the left. Wait until you get the booster, and after clicking it you should see the 'Activate' button.