The upcoming shift in monster collector games, featuring Pokemon and TemTem

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As the new year comes, seems like new legends need to be born, as old ones tend to drift away slowly. Pokemon had a drastic change in focus and targeted audience from the looks of the last titles (Pokemon Let's go Eevee/Pikachu and Sword/Shield). On top of this, the massive negative feedback due to the cut in the pokedex has not helped Game Freak look any better. Looking further into it, bugs, the simplification of the game and the shift towards younger audiences, which resulted in a lost sense of challenge in the game, the incredibly short post game, and many other reasons have turned the heads of a major part of the community. One could say they turned their heads to fan art of many evolutions, or the ships, either way, there sure was more fun drawing rather than playing.

But hope is not yet lost, as on the horizon, 21st of january to be exact, a new game is on the rise, TemTem, the new MMO, thats right, an MMO that you can play the entire campaign of with your friends and battle along hundreds of other players if not more. The game has a pleasing art style with more monsters coming up as time goes by, which may be the only thing holding it back at the moment, an entire pokedex is not easy to create , but they are sure more than prepared for it by the looks of their kickstarter, reaching 8 times their initial goal! 

We're stepping into a new generation for monster collection, and TemTem is sure to make the first steps in the right direction. Make sure to visit the game here to wishlist it, and i hope to see you on the battlefield! 

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