World of Tanks EU & NA Players - Earn a free tier 7 vehicle!

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Christmas has gone but it's not too late to pick yourself up a gift.

Signing up for World of Tanks Tank Rewards and playing a handful of games a day can earn you the useful Panther/M10. A tier 7 vehicle, this tank will allow you earn credits (the in-game currency) at a faster rate, train your German tank crews and has the added benefit of preferential matchmaking so you will never see tier 9 tanks.

Publisher WarGaming seem to have listened to the feedback from the last Tank Reward offer which involved a large time commitment. This time the time commitment is much reduced although the event still demands consistent daily activity.

If you don't have the desire to grind for the tank, other rewards can be picked up along the way such as crew skins, blueprints and personal reserves.

EU - To see the official notice visit

EU - To sign up to Tank Rewards visit

NA - To see the official notice visit

NA - To sign up to Tank Rewards visit

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