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Want ARP? Make News!

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So over the holidays, we have had a huge drop in the community created news.  Many members learn new gaming news through you guys and we've been approached by a ton asking why its been lacking.  

One of the ways we try to incentives our members to do that kinda grunt work is through featuring and CG (community gain).  

By far, the fastest way to make ARP is to create news for the community.  Some of the top ARP earners made their way there entirely through news creation.  

So why does News get you so much ARP?  Because when its featured, it gets a ton of coverage (including occasionally a Daily Quest).  And then members tend to vote on those articles.  The more members that vote on your article (depending on their level), the more ARP you make over time.  

Ask some of the veterans that have gone through all the Master Levels with ease.  Kira, Peestar, and more.  

So this is my low key way of asking the community to contribute more Gaming News.  However, be smart. We do have rules, to include copyright and low quality posts.  If you want to be featured, follow the posting rules.

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Posts get significantly fewer upvotes now that members don't earn any ARP for voting.  That may also have led to less people creating quality posts.

Skeet Surfer said:

Posts get significantly fewer upvotes now that members don't earn any ARP for voting.  That may also have led to less people creating quality posts.

True, there is a big drop in votes, but there is still a lot for News compared to anywhere else on the forums.  And the longevity of the featured news (and global quests forcing people to read news) still puts it as the premium place to make ARP.  

Correct - there was a time when creating news articles gives you a lot of ARP but these times are gone now. There is not that much ARP gain anymore by creating news than it was before the "vote on content" change. Also some of the news articles are getting nuked - I see that every week (because they are against the rules).


There is not only a big drop in votes - there is also a big drop in the views. Check some of the newest articles (2 weeks old but less than 200 views). I haven't seen this before the recent change. "Vote on Content" ARP forced people to check the forum every day for new posts. Now this is gone and people don't check that much posts anymore because they are lazy.


Compared to the effort it takes to create good news articles its maybe not worth the effort anymore except you really really really want ARP (f.e. to get dell rewards or be on the top of the leaderboard).


But how will you deal with reposts? No one wants to risk losing ARP by having their content removed, and this will just cause the quality of news to decline as everyone rushes to be first.


What other ways are you going to give us to earn ARP?

Every time I have gone to post an interesting news article Peestar has beaten me to it.


The only gaming news I'd be interested in is the website redesign for the black theme without having to use 3rd party browser extensions.

Please make this happen.

EDIT: the only reason I say this is because iPad OS doesn't allow for any firefox browser extension except on Android devices.