The Steam Winter Sale 2019 has begun

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The 2019 Steam Winter Sale has officially begun. Users will be able to earn tokens (which can be spent on new backgrounds, profile customization, emoticons, discounts, chatroom effects and stickers) by either spending money during the sale (1 eur = 110 tokens) or by completing a series of quests (each quest will give users 100 tokens). Users will also be able to earn an exclusive badge (Steamville Badge) by completing all the holiday quests. Another activity is The Steam Awards where players will be able to collect Trading Cards, collect a new badge and of course, vote on different game categories (GAME OF THE YEAR, VR GAME OF THE YEAR, LABOR OF LOVE, BETTER WITH FRIENDS, MOST INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY, OUTSTANDING STORY-RICH GAME, BEST GAME YOU SUCK AT, OUTSTANDING VISUAL STYLE) .

At the time of writing this article, Steam is experiencing heavy load, but hopefully the issue will be resolved in the next couple of hours. You just need to be a little patient! (or just be like me and manically refresh the Steam page every couple of seconds until you get where you wanna be)

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The sale is a joke :/
Most games are at most on 20% discount and Valve is just trying to sell emotes,profile backgrounds and other stuff

IMO as much as I dislike Epic, I feel that Epic is doing a better job

Praise be:

Merry Christmas, guys, have a beautiful weekends you all ;)