Detroit: Become Human will come to PC this December

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Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human will be released on PC on the 12th of Dec, on the Epic Games Store.

Detroit: Become Human - Official PC Release Date Trailer (4K)

About the game:


Detroit 2038. Technology has evolved to a point where human like androids are everywhere. They speak, move and behave like human beings, but they are only machines serving humans.

Play three distinct androids and see a world at the brink of chaos – perhaps our future - through their eyes. Your very decisions will dramatically alter how the game’s intense, branching narrative plays out.

You will face moral dilemmas and decide who lives or dies. With thousands of choices and dozens of possible endings, how will you affect the future of Detroit and humanity’s destiny?

 The game will cost 40$.

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The exclusivity deal kinda bothers me. You should give people the choice to buy the game where you want. I'm sure if we give this enough time then it will arrive on other storefronts as well.