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Cant get key

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im trying to get a key for Blade and Soul: Storm of Arrow  but im getting this error


Unfortunately, a key could not be assigned to you. This can occur for one of several reasons, including:

1) We've ran out of keys before we could assign one to you while you were in the queue.
2) You are in a country or region that is not eligible to receive a key.
3) A key has already been assigned to you.


any help plz :(

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I have the same issue with 'After-H VR Steam Early Access' it says 'ONLY 3 KEYS LEFT! Get your key before they run out!' but if I click on 'Get Key' I get the exact same error as you.

I now suppose it's simply a bug with the amount of keys, like they don't have any keys left, but it doesn't say so on the page.

So strange, today it worked and I got the key

Sometimes It'll show a handful of keys and give that error till they restock (or close) the key pool.