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Still no dell rewards in my account after 120days

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I got $25 dell rewards at 2019-04-25, but it has not been applied to my DA account since 2019-04-25.
I made DA accounts at 2019-04-25, after rewarded dell rewards in this website.
I'm still waiting for my dell rewards, but haven't got any E-mail or notification about dell rewards.
So i'm worried about dell rewards that I claimed today, too.
I'm using same E-mail for my dell advantage account. 
Please check it and give me some notification.
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Please send an e-mail to and update us on here about any changes!

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Thank you for reply. 

I'm US citizen who are currently lived in abroad. 

I got $25 dell rewards a while ago, but still have not received $35 dell rewards. ($25 for event, $10 for level up reward) 
Please check about dell rewards that didn't applied yet. 

Thank you for your service, please give me messages if you have any updates.