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[Solved] Dell Rewards

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My dell rewards have not updated on the dell site since the new alienware website.

Had no problem with the old web site.  I have won two $25 since then and no update.

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Please send a message with your issue to Please update us in the forum if there are any updates on the issue.


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Issue has been resolved... i got a email from Dell with both rewards credited to my account.....awesome job with the consumer support.

Super happy you got them so quick! Have fun spending!

I sent them an email about the same issue as I have 2x $25 rewards plus the fact I never received my $10 reward last year, just saddens me ive been around a long time. Still no reply as of yet and this was like 4-5 days ago.

Just emailed them again lets see what happens now


Having this issue for the second time, won two 25 rewards and had to wait a month to contact AW as they say - Now i have to wait up to another month to be credited  - Was intending to get a birthday present for a friend with it.. so guess its going to be late

When mine got fixed the expiration date was extended to the end of the year...hopefully your issue gets fixed soon.