Your Gaming Regrets

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I was sitting there in my bed last night staring at my ceiling fan contemplating my mistakes and regrets, as one does. Tossing and turning I could not lift the heavy weight from my chest. How could I have been so blind and naive? I purchased Fire Emblem Three Houses digitally.

I thought it would be an experience like most other games I have nowadays - a throwaway experience. A useless timesink to let my mind idle and decompress the stresses of life. Little did I know that this game would consume my very being, giving me a joyous experience in gaming I haven’t had since I finished Dark Souls 3: Ringed City and God of War. 


Now, I must amend my mistake and buy the Limited Edition or even the Nintendo Switch Seasons of Warfare copy. This game has filled me with such joy. I feel like such a blind fool. 


What recent gaming disappointments have plagued you with restless nights? 

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Not really regrets but wanted a game, thought i bought it and they gave me the wrong title. I was too lasy to return it so now I own a total shit game. xD 

i do the same thing but with csgo and all the money i threw for unboxing ... You cant beat that.. really..

So, what you are saying is we should all pick up this life changing game? Sounds good to me.