The true reason why today's Gaming Market makes so much money, and it's not Microtransactions

It is no surprise that the gaming industry of today is bigger than it ever was, managing to surpass the music and movie industry in terms of profit and integrating itself into the root of our society as time progresses.

However just like the many corporate mainstream areas of entertainment of today, we are seeing a pattern that secretly brings the corporate gaming an immense amount of profit. This is done the same way this site does, the same way Dell does, the same way Alienware, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon and every big league corporation has done since centuries:



The Sacrifice & Why Virginity is a Strong Currency

This topic has been discussed only once on this forum, and i believe it should be mentioned again. I can tell that many of the viewers of this article have one special aspect they still hold unlike any other human on this Planet. They are Virgins.

Virginity is a sacred gift given at birth by your parents, it is a currency among today's Corporations and the main source of profit.

Do not think that your virginity is a gift, you are merely a conduit for today's Political climate to extract your virginity via sacrifices. The main component needed is Brimstone:


You are a consumer, but most importantly a sacrifice. In order for today's corporate companies to keep a healthy profit and partnership between each other, you are needed as a sacrificial component.

Competition is merely an Illusion

You might have heard about competitive market or companies competing with each other. That is of course a ploy to keep consumers at their seat. Companies never compete. A Monopolized business is the ideal business model in today's society. The "Competitions" of today, Sony vs Microsoft, Valve vs Epic Games, Apple vs Android, Mayweather vs Connor McGregor, they are not a real competitive market. They are all simulated, part of the established Oligopoly.

You are not giving money to Epic by buying games on the Epic Store, you are giving money to every corporation funding the simulated competition between Valve and Epic Store. This brings our next topic, the meeting process:

The Orgies Inside Bilderberg

The Bilderberg Meeting has only superficial definitions on the internet. The main meeting place between the World's elites has been happening since 1601. Every decision happening between businesses of today, will pass through there. Once the business talks have been concludes, orgies will commence and the virigin sacrifices will be in motion.

The State of Today's Journalism

You have noticed a pattern surfacing in today's journalism. We are no longer Objective and reporting the truth. We are now Subjective and Entertaining. We are a reality tv show, sensationalized, and further powering the impulsive natural instict in the consumer base. 

Twitter arguments, forums fights, youtube comments. All of these are intentionally manufactured to make people fight against each other for trivial purposes and political topics. There are psychological components that hits our subconscious into bringing the worst aspects out of ourselves.

This is done so that we may never question the true cycle of political gains. Any objective journalist has committed suicide with 4 9×19mm bullets at the back of their head.

What Can We Do About It?

This has been an Elite Co-op hundreds of years in the making. The Panama Papers did not even scratch the surface. We as regular civilians cannot finish this in our lifetime. Generations of people need to participate in the span of at least 200 years in order to achieve victory over the Brimstone Rituals. But with the state of our world.... we cannot do anything, we only consume, we live, and we participate in their game, because that's the only thing we can do.... that's the only thing we will ever achieve in our life .... 

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Thank you Lynda!

We take our jorunalistic integrity very seriously and we hope to educate people on the most accurate and objective pieces of journalism we can provide.

Rule of the smart, just and good folks (which will not apply to the rest): never use Mr. Putin next to scummy 'people'. He is the best leader of modern age and that's by far the icing on the cake. Use Netanyahu's portrait instead. That snake deserves this and so much more. 


I couldn't believe what i was seeing when watching SKY NEWS yesterday.

They actually flashed up Twiiter captures in the middle of a news report while saying ," Now ,this is not verfied but here's what dogfish01 is tweeting".

I thought ,WTFKING FCK ,have they lost thier minds ?!!?

We really have gone down the toilet.