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Killing Floor 2 and screwy keyboard lights

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So I recently got my new Alienware 17 R5 back from service for the 3rd time back to back (long story I can get into if someone cares), and this time finally went directly to dell thank god...

Anyway everything seems ship-shape except my keyboard lights during Killing Floor 2 specifically.  So when I start it up everything is good, about 1-5 mins in it will randomly switch over to some unkonwn Command Center lighting configuration where-in...the whole right side of the keyboard goes dark, the left side switches to red and turns on the flashes due to sound option, and shortly thereafter also goes dark.

I've deleted and reinstalled Alienware Command Center, Iv'e made a profile specifically for killing floor 2...just blue and no effects...if I tab out and re-apply effects its looks normal, and tab back in it works for a second-a min and goes dark again or does the red left-handed profile for a bit before going dark.

I was super worried at first that something was send it in wrong again, since this was the first game i played when i got it back due to the Summer event going on....thank god that is not the case over the past 5 months I've not had my computer more than had it (still have a semi-working asus, that i try to treat gently so as not to break the back-up).  Anyhow, thanks for any insight :} I

ts not the end of the world, but it makes taking screenshots harder....and thats only cause i dont know how to properly macro Windows+FN+F12 so a tip on that would be even more appreciated....noob af

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Any luck with this? I have the same issue and it drives me nuts.