How often do you replace/upgrade your graphics card?

How often do you replace/upgrade your graphics card?

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How often are you upgrading your graphics card for your PC?

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Lord Zog

Usually when a new one is released and the drivers are mature.. Jumping on new cards in the past in my experience has been sometimes a nightmare with useless drivers.. I try to stay in the top tier though..


When I my primary gaming rig was a desktop, I would do an upgrade of some sort about once every 6 months.  This normally equated to a new graphic card ever 12 months or so, but that was also when the market was moving faster than it is today.  These days a new card only comes out about every18 months or so (new, meaning that it is substantially faster at the same price I paid for the initial card).  Plus, my primary rig is now a laptop, with an MXM graphics card slot, and in these cases I tend to wait around 2 years between upgrades.  I am about to hit the 3rd year using my 7970M, and still do not feel the need to upgrade yet.  I do expect some games to start to come out later in the year that will begin to make me fill the itch to upgrade....

Rich S.


I don't upgrade until there's a game I want to play that would substantially benefit from it.  (Usually, that means 3-4 years.)


Alien addict

Whenever I can get a good deal.

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When I can't run mid-high settings with respectable FPS.

At the current rate it seems to be every 5 years and is due.

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I upgrade usually every 2 years, I buy a good one and when I think that games need better graphics I get a better one. Right now I have been using a GTX 670 2GB for over a year and its just fine for my games and PC.


Whenever a new game can't be run with decent graphics.


On the desktop - pretty much whenever I felt like something new. At times that meant more of a sideways move than upwards, but it was always for something different to try. With the new 17 - I hope I can get a couple years before I have to drop $$ on a new card - namely because the cost is so much more compared to what I would be getting.


It happens either with a purchase of a new computer or when it burns out... I got a computer where the graphic card has been replaced twice, getting hard to get a new graphics card for it as the motherboard is somewhat old by now.


i buy new graphic cards after 3 years sometimes.

wait for the price to come Down.

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