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Can you survive just by playing computer games?

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Is this possible? just by selling in game items for real money currency?

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I couldn't but i don't play those kinds of games that u can get big money items either. Some people are good at playing CS GO in competitions and selling the items

Unless you're running bots, no. I've sold currency and items in games before and made a few hundred dollars US, but... It's stuff I collected over a longer period of time than would be viable, and only sold because I got tired of the games and left them.

Find a real job, kid. Gaming will always be a hobby. Nothing less, nothing more.

If you want to make a living gaming, then a better approach IMO would be to try to become a popular streamer or youtube personality that draws in tons of views and ad revenue.


I agree that you're most likely better off not pursuing gaming as a career.   The odds of profiting are slim, and it is likely that you won't enjoy gaming so much once it becomes your job.  

Given the popularity of gaming nowadays, you have more choices than ever to pursue a career in the gaming industry, either an esports comentator, or a professional gamer in esports, or working under a gaming publisher and whatnot. So you can certainly make a living in the gaming industry. Being a twitch streamer apparently is pretty profitable if you like faking it almost every day and plan out fabricated reactions at convenient times for the sake of entertainment. 

Trading items however, is never a good source of income if you want to make a living out of it. The prices fluctuates and you will not have constant sources of money. You sometimes get great offers, sometimes you don't get anything at all. You also have to base your living on the game's life. If the game itself dies, your job does too. And yes, you're pretty much required to manage bot accounts in order to do some serious profit from trading items. 

There are too many variables from ever considering trading as a legit source of income. It should only ever be a hobby, and you're better off with the minimum wage job. 


I can make money selling game accounts, but then again...Its almost not worth it.