Not even Denuvo helped, Rage 2 cracked on launch day

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Bethesda is probably raging. Their Rage 2 picked up midrange ratings on its release, and in less than 24 hours a pirated version of the game appeared. To get worse for Bethesda, they paid for Denuvo protection and the same is actually available in the version for Steam. However, accidentally or intentionally, the version sold at didn't had Denuvo protection, which means that hackers also didn't had too much work.

Probably we'll never know how did this oversight happened to Bethesda, but it's clear that pirates "win" again. Unlike last year, Denuvo in 2019 doesn't offer an effective method of protection against piracy. Only four major games for now didn't get pirated versions (Anthem, The Division 2, Mortal Kombat 11 and Anno 1800), some of which will never get cracked.

However, as time to crack DRM lowers so does also the number of games that use DRM lowers. Many games over the past few months have shown that performance without Denuvo has actually been better, especially in Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2.

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well, are we really suprised. lazy work from bethesda, that seems pretty much a given.

Ahh typical. Bethesda prepared to run a Maraton by first amputating both of their legs to save weight...

it's a bethesda's mistake they launch the steam version with denuvo and betheda launcher version without denuvo ...

I'm sure even if both versions had Denuvo it still would've been cracked in a day or two. When are game companies going to learn to stop wasting money on anti-piracy software? It's literally helping no one.