Aurora R6 - yellow flash and where to get fixed?

Aurora R6 - yellow flash and where to get fixed?

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If anyone could please help me I would be greatful! It's been a full year my Aurora R6 has not turned on, whenever I do all there is, is a yellow flashing constant light on the power button, but nothing else. I believe it's a power option maybe. Based off what I've read. I was offered after paying $30 a thousand dollar repair. I can't afford that and I'm still paying this off monthly 63 for 3 years this is my last year. If I hand it in to dell what can I expect to have to pay. Whats wrong with my cpu I've only ever have turned it off and on. The out lit I had would flicker and I believe I may have fried the motherboard worst case. How much would it be to get this aurora r6 running again I've spent so much money I don't have and am in det, but keep up wth computer payment that I can't even use. May buy 200 dollar hp laptop at this point. Please help!

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If there's any trustworthy fixers you guys know that take overseas shipping or anything please link me there website or anything please I have saved up to 350 to have this money payment of a computer repaired and it's been a year now

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