Samsung 970 Plus Drive Slow in W10 But Proper Speed in SAFEMODE

Samsung 970 Plus Drive Slow in W10 But Proper Speed in SAFEMODE

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Good day,

I have Alienware R4 17 laptop and just upgraded to NVME Samsung 970 Plus. Speeds from CrystalDiskMark 6 are 2300Mb/s vs expected 3500Mb/s in NORMAL Windows environment. All Read/Write speeds are proportionately slow.

When I run CrystalDiskMark 6 in SAFEMODE I observe expected speed of 3500Mb/s. I conclude that something is interfering with ssd speed while in Windows. Whatever it is, is DISABLED when booting to SAFEMODE.

Question is HOW do I find the offending software or driver and get expected speed of 3500Mb/s in normal environment of Windows 10?


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As a shot in the dark guess, try turning off the page file? That's a fat "maybe" on fixing it, but it's the only thing which immediately comes to mind.

Are there drivers for the 970 Plus to try installing? I'm not sure that'll fix it since it's working like it should in Safe Mode, but just an another thing to try. Could be some firmware update that addresses it, if it's a known issue.

No Alienware system at present, saving up for another 13/15"


I used to have a similar speed issue, with an SSD running at half the speed, back in the day when Intel first introduced SSDs. The reason turned out to be using FAT32 rather NTFS file system, but this can't be it.

Samsung has it's own "Magician" software, and looking at your SSD they advertize a feature called "Intelligent Turbowrite" that affects speed. It also could be a power management setting.

Anandtech tested this exact SSD. Always an interesting read.

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