Area 51 R-2 maybe over heating ?

Area 51 R-2 maybe over heating ?

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Hi Everyone, i would love some help with a problem , i have an Alienware area 51 R-2 desktop, it was bought maybe 4 years ago , it was used for maybe 8 months with no problems. then  left idle ( unstated) for 3 years , until the other day. once started it worked fine for maybe 10 mins then restarted itself, it booted fine and then restarted again  after 5 mins , after restart the amount of time it lasted decreased, until finally it was restarting before the splash screen, until i turned it off completely. im thinking its an CPU over heating problem the fan is spinning fine  but maybe the Radiator is blocked or the cooler in the end of the hoses  i have read forums  that say it could be  the power supply wattage, but it has a 850w PSU so i dont think its that as it work fine for months , 

what do you think? 

can the cooling system on these be flushed?

is there a model number on them if it cant be flushed ,so i can maybe buy a new on ?

any help  would be great  thanks  

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I'm not an expert on the Area 51 R2's CPU cooling but my first two suspicions are:

  1. The thermal paste for the CPU is dried out & not conducting heat away from the CPU properly, causing a safety shutdown of the system.
  2. The radiator's cooling liquid has evaporated, so it's not pulling the heat away to the radiator for it to cool.

Look at the service manual to see how to disassemble & replace the CPU cooler.

Let us know if this helps!

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Definitely sounds like an overheating issue.  It could also be a pump failure on the AIO cooler.  After a strip down and replace with new paste as above - when you boot it up to check keep the side off and listen.  If it is silent or the fans start going mad I'd assume it was a pump and look to get a replacement.

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