'Division 2' Release Date: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy The Game

'Division 2' Release Date: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy The Game

The Division 2 is one of the more highly anticipated releases of the year, and it figures to hold hardcore fans' attention for two to three years, just like the original version. The second installment in the successful series releases officially for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 15.

However, consumers who purchase the Gold or Ultimate Editions will get the game three days early on March 12. In fact, gamers on the west coast in the United States gained access at 10 p.m. PT on March 11, while those on the east coast gained access at 1 a.m. ET.

The Previous Version Had Some Launch Issues


The launch of the original Division in March 2016 had its share of issues. Despite strong sales numbersthere were hiccups with the servers and some other foundational problems. Ultimately, the game hit its stride and was among the most reliable online shooters available.

There will be similar concerns from the fanbase this time around, but there is reason for optimism.

The Day One Patch and Initial Install Are Large

In an effort to ensure The Division 2 doesn't create a bad user experience early on, the game comes with a massive Day 1 patch. It's nearly 50 GB in size which means many gamers will have to make sure they have adequate hard drive space to accommodate the game and the update. PlayStation 4 users are expected to need between 88 and 92 GB available.

The hefty size of the game and patch may delay the start of your Division 2 experience, but if it results in a more reliable launch, it'll all be worth it.

Single-Player Campaign


Thankfully, Division 2 will feature a single-player campaign, and it's robust. The original had a story that topped out around 20 hours, but the sequel is expected to double that number to around 40. That's a major positive for me. I don't shy away from epic campaign modes, especially when the story is told well.

My hopes are high for the story mode in Division 2.

Free DLC Maps and Missions

The Division 2 will give fans free maps and missions through DLC, per Senior Producer Tony Sturtzel. “There definitely will be more modes added as free post-launch content,” said Sturtzel. “Our current goal is to ship this game with a few maps uniquely built for the best PvP experiences. Our decision to create from an endgame-first mentality means that fans can expect more content drops in the future after completing the campaign. Additional story-driven missions and map expansions will also be free as our ongoing commitment to keep our dedicated community energized and playing.”

I applaud the cautious and consumer-friendly approach to the release of the sequel. It shows awareness of the original's early issues as well as an understanding of what other games have done in the past that has rubbed fans the wrong way.

Ideal GPU For PC Users

As you might imagine, the Division 2 can look and play stellar on PC. Of course, the better your PC, the better the experience is likely to be. The Graphics Processing Unit will play a major role in visual quality. Windows Central recommends PC users have the NVIDIA RTX 2060 for a balance between quality and affordability.

It retails for about $370. It's not the most expensive GPU option recommended–that distinction belongs to the $1400 EVGA NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti–but it will likely due. The 2080 is probably overkill unless you're gaming in 4K and trying to future-proof your setup for years to come.

The 2060 will get you where you need to be for the Division 2 and just about any other PC game on the market.


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looks good


It will be a great game! Have preorder and will play this evening!


Played both betas... it felt like another DLC and not a new game. I will not buy it, but then again I might pick it up for $20 on sale


i'll wait


nice, looking forward to washington






Nice :P


Nice :)


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Things You Should Know Before You Buy The Game

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