Giveaway Code expired?

Giveaway Code expired?

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I ended up claiming a giveaway code for Vaporium through the AWA mobile app, and didn't have time to actually download Kartridge on my computer until now. I finally found where my key was, but the code says it expired on Kartridge's "REDEEM KEY" spot. Not sure if there is anything I can do here, or need to contact Kartridge for this. Any help will be appreciated.

I do not remember how many weeks ago it was when I claimed it. I just remember I was either at work or on the bus when I got an AWA alert on my phone and saw something I was interested in.

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I think it's sad and ridiculous, but there's nothing we can do.


._. Well, thank you for the response. I'll probably look into getting it later on.


Happened to me as well with the Lightfield key not knowing that its not necessary to download the launcher for redeeming the key. I contacted kartridge and they were trying to help me but there were no keys left. So no success for me. Maybe you have more luck with the Vaporum one.

What goes around comes around

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