Alienware 13 Paint Job

Alienware 13 Paint Job

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Some areas need to be cleaned up where the paint leached through the masking tape slightly as you can see. .



is this paint or plastidip? it looks nice!



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Thanks. It's just Wurth CAT Yellow high gloss spray paint with a clear coat over the top. I stripped the machine down as far as possible. I think I did 3 coats of the yellow with some light sanding between coats.

Just need to get the turps out to clean up the bleeding


Lookin good!  

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I had this AW 13 sitting in the cupboard for few years so just for fun I decided to dust it off and give it a fresh paint job. I went with CAT yellow and I'm still waiting for my CAT rep to throw me some decals to put on the lid.
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