Alienware M15 with RTX ready for pre-order!

Alienware M15 with RTX ready for pre-order!

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Why not get the 144hz panel? Plan to use an external monitor?


I checked the performance on the RTX 2070 and it should be little over 60 on max settings. If I went for the 2080 then for sure the 144hz panel would of been a must.

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The cost to get to get the RTX 2080 was quite steep so I got the RTX 2070 with 60hz panel. Change to page 2 so you can get an idea of the prices. the RTX2080 is almost $460 price increase I used my AAA 10% discount and got the M15 with RTX2070, NVME 256gb, bigger battery, 8gigs of ram. Estimated delivery is February 13!
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