Daybreak is announcing a new game on Thursday [UPDATED]

Daybreak is announcing a new game on Thursday [UPDATED]


Daybreak’s new game is PlanetSide Arena, and yes, it’s a battle royale

So yeah it’s PlanetSide Arena. And yes, it’s a battle royale, or at least two of its modes will be. Expect it to hit Steam early access on January 29th, with a price tag of $19.99 and $39.99. Storywise, it begins several decades after PlanetSide 2.

PlanetSide Arena - Announcement Trailer


Some Daybreak fans, including our own MJ Guthrie, are receiving a cryptic note from Daybreak this week – best check your old email accounts! Apparently the MMORPG company, most recently in the news for a major round of layoffs and best known for the EverQuest and H1Z1 franchises, aims to announce a new game this week on Twitch starting at 1 p.m. EST.

Let the speculation begin! Think it’s PlanetSide Arena or something else?


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Interesting =) 


Дейбрейк скоро закроется, а они ещё на последнем издыхании какие-то анонсы делают





It will be without me...


Sorry this time i wont support this scammer Company.
You better feed popular streamers to make your game successfull for few months, grab the $$$ and shut the game again. 





Couldn't be less interested. Junk developers with junk games.


Hype train? Are you not aware of who these guys are and what they've made (or failed to make)

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HueBearSong said:

Hype train? Are you not aware of who these guys are and what they've made (or failed to make)

Sure they are  in rocky situation right now with all the layoffs and the cancelled games, but maybe they'll release something good (in the past they had some pretty good titles). Maybe this will be a return to form for the company.


We'll see, Daybreak! Impress us!

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Hype train!

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