Aurora R7 850W PSU input voltage

Aurora R7 850W PSU input voltage

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Hi, guys. I live in Singapore. I bought an Aurora R7 (850W PSU) from Amazon US. I knew this PC is intended for use in US where household voltage is 120V but the spec sheet says it works in 110-240V range. I wonder does it work in 220V environment. I heard clicking sound from PSU every time I switch on my PC or wake it up from sleep. Is it abnormal? Does it have any switch to adjust voltage or is its voltage auto-adjustable?

The PSU part number is 31T69 with description : LABEL, REGULATORY, 850W, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, JSD2, R7

Thanks for any help.


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Hi skybye,

You should not have issues for the components physically installed inside your Aurora R7 running off of 220V, the power supply will automatically adjust to your voltage.  This won't cause any problems, and will work as you would hope.  However, I do caution you on buying some items intended for US voltage and trying to use a step-down converter (convert 220V down to 110V).  One of the biggest hidden gotcha's when dealing with USA power verses Asian/European power is the cycles.  In the US we are 120V@60Hz, while you are at ~220V@50Hz (actually read that you are closer to 230Vs?).  The cycles 60Hz vs 50Hz can cause problems that use that frequency as sort of a timing device.  Things like clocks that are meant for 60Hz will lose time, while clocks meant for 50Hz may run too fast.  This difference can case electronic devices to wear out prematurely.  I had a microwave and a few other appliances wear out when I was using them in the UK.

Good luck!

Rich S.


You might want to add a surge protector if your country's power supply isn't overly reliable.


Thank you.

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