USB PowerShare (S4/S5) Grayed Out in BIOS

USB PowerShare (S4/S5) Grayed Out in BIOS

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I just purchased an Alienware Aurora R7 for both my wife and I.  On mine, I would like to be able to charge my wireless mouse when the system is shut down.  I attempted to enable USB PowerShare (S4/S5) in the BIOS but noticed that it was grayed out and not accessible.  Thinking that it might just be my system, I checked the 2nd computer's BIOS as well.  It is also grayed out there.  Has anyone ever seen this before?  I have the latest BIOS installed on both systems, 1.0.17.  

Thanks in advance.

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If you disable Deep Sleep then these options become available. However, none of the USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports on either the front or back have the lightning bolt symbol to indicate it is a charge port.

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