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SteamGift Userscript [Night Mode][AWA DynamicSign][MoreGameInfo]

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Hi there !

I play around userscript and starting to make some usefull.

If you have some ideas feel free to ask !

And sorry for the external preview ... Thread editor provide iframe intergration that not working ....


To use scripts you need to first install a user script manager. Which user script manager you can use depends on which browser you use. I personaly use Tempermonkey on Chrome browser.

Next just choose your script and click the Install button.



1. Dynamic Signature for AWA:

This script will replace the default dynamic signature MYBB code by the AWA code.

Click for Preview


(Updated on 7 Nov.)


2. Night mode

Just a night mode.

Click for Preview

(Updated on 13 Nov.)


3. More Game Info

This script will show two new icons next to each game displaying if the game had success or cards.

Click for Preview

(Updated on 10 Nov.)


Have fun !

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DatGigabyteLyfe said:

This should be pinned!

I've already send a mail to the giveaway support but mehhh.. ^^'

If anyone have any ideas please share ! See if i can do somethings :D

I'll maybe go on and rename the topic "Steamgift Addons" i'm working on a dark/night mode right now.

Info about the game ? like Cards/Succes



Night mode script have been added !


Edit: Little fix for the night mode script. Groups images in "create Giveaway" is now in the right colors.

Same for Dynamic Signature. The script will now say if the AWA code have been saved to your clipboard.


Edit: One more update for the Night mode script, all popups should now be black.



Hi here !!!

And now place to More Game Info it'll show you whenever the games had success or card !

Click for Preview

That was way more work than the two previous scripts. 

All data are stored in my BDD, if we don't have entrie for a game the script will update de BDD by searching on the steam store.

Some game may have some issue. Mainly games that have no steam store page (i'll work on them later).

i hope a mod will see the thread x) Have fun !