Aw 17r5 sound is terrible

Aw 17r5 sound is terrible

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Just received my new laptop did all the updates etc. Just wondering if the speakers on the laptops are terrible. It’s so quiet tried playing a game and I had to have the sound turned up to 100 just to be able to hear the game at a comfortable level. From all the reviews that I read before buying the comp they all said that this laptop has powerful speakers. My old XPS 17 has way better sound and I rarely have to turn it up past 50%. Is this how the laptops are or do you think I have an issue. 



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You may have an issue. Altho, I dont know what your definition of poweful is. I have a 17r5 and the speakers are fairly loud, especially for a laptop. Definitely louder than any laptop ive owned previously.


High try updating your Realtec Audio Drivers to the High Definition driver. Sure made a big difference with my R17 Should be better for you,also do a restore point just in case you don't like it or want to go back to your previous driver. let me know how it goes



Yes, something may be wrong; IMO the speakers are plenty loud for a laptop.

In addition, try the "Racing" audio profile in the Alienware Command Center.  There are other profiles to try there as well, but the racing profile seems to give the fullest sound.

I thought the sound quality was just average, until finding and using the "racing" profile.

Another thing (though probably not applicable for you if you have a low audio output), any new speaker needs some time to break in to sound its best.


I discovered the "Realtek Audio Console" and make sure the Equalizer is set to NONE.  Anything other than this destroys the volume and the sound quality as well IMO.

Adjust the sound through the AW Command Center.  My favorite equalizer curve is the "warm & crunchy."  There are a number of audio effects to adjust as well.  Great interface...!

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My Alienware 17r5 sound is pretty good for a laptop but plan on using external speakers when I move into my new house ... 

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