Recommend me accessories

Recommend me accessories

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I have money burning a hole in my pocket. What accessories do you guys recommend to improve gaming? I already have the basic peripherals (km+m, headset)

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 To help it would be good to know what games you play regularly and also what kb+m headset you have 

to that end i love my logitec g910 keyboard, g502 mouse and g533 headset it all works flawlessly. only accessories i see maybe needing is one of the dedicated mini function key controller i.e. like a nostromo n52 and  or E-sports controller  i have used them in FPS and MMO type games.  also if  you are into space or flight games a joystick and Hotas will be great also.

just my suggestions


buy a USB fan, USB light, USB refrigerator. i mean why not, you got money to burn.