Alienware Command Center For All AMA - Aug 10th 3PM EST

Alienware Command Center For All AMA - Aug 10th 3PM EST


Hey all,

I will be hosting my first ever AMA here on Alienware Arena. I will be joined by our Gaming Software Planner, Eric and our Gaming Software Marketing Lead, Nick. We want you to join us on August 10th @ 3PM EST to answer any questions you have. We will do our best to answer as much as we can for the hour the thread will be alive. 

We will be going over the recent availability of the NEW Alienware Command Center being available now for all systems. Get the gaming library feature on your system and control the lights of your Alienware Gaming Mouse and Keyboard without needing an current-gen Alienware Desktop or Notebook.

You can download the new Alienware Command Center here:

Lighting Control is currently supported on the following products:

-Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse AW558
-Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW958
-Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW959
-Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768
-Alienware Advanced Gaming Keyboard AW568

See you all Friday!

Umar Khan

Community Engagement Guy/Person/Dude


Edit 8.10 8:55am: Unlocking the thread to take in any questions before the AMA starts later today.

Edit 8.10 3:05p: We are live and here to take your questions!

Edit 8.10 4:08p: And we're done. See you all later. Thanks for everyone that participated on Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and YouTube!



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Hello I have an Alienware Xf1 r3 andromeda and I am ahveing very poor frame rate issues while playing some games. I want to upgrade my gpu tpo the new gtx 1080 ti. is that possible? also the problem im having now is the on board gpu is being used instead of my gpu I have tried 10000 million ways to change the settings, but the RIOT games support says my logs show the on board unit is still being used to run the game. I need help! I cant game like this!


looks like I am the only person here, why does my picture say im a noob? 

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The 1080ti will not fit inside of the X51 without some drastic chassis changes. You did buy the X51 R3 comes with a Graphics Amplifier Port. Getting an Alienware Graphics Amplifier should fulfill what you need with the 1080TI. 


You should check your Nvidia control panel and make sure you are using your dedicated GPU specific for RIOT game or switching your global setting to use your dedicated nvidia GPU. 


If you need to talk to support, you can reach out to them on Twitter:


EDIT: You're labeled as a Noob because you're new to posting here it seems. 


the Alienware graphics amplifier can run 4k? and let me use 4k monitor? or no?


It can let you run 4k and use a 4k monitor. 

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