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AWA Posting Etiquette/General Rules for Playing in our Sandbox

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Come back and check this thread from time to time since as situations arise, it will be updated.  Ignorance is not an excuse.

- Be respectful.  Disagreeing is fine but calling someone names is not.

- Don't Spam.  (this is sort of a given)

- Check the forums to see if someone has already posted the same topic - especially when it pertains to some kind of news or time sensitive information.  If it's already posted, don't post again.  Mods will just delete or nuke it.

- Post topics in the correct forums.  If you want to make a suggestion, there is a suggestions forums.  If you run across a bug, we have a bugs forum.  Technical questions are better answered by those that hang out in the technical forum. Peripheral gear discussions belong in the gamer accessories forum.  And so on...

- If you are giving away a game key, post it in the giveaways forum (and make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules for the forum)

- OR and VS threads will be deleted or nuked on sight.  Don't post them. (example: which is better ___ or ____?  or ___ vs ____ which is your favorite?)

- Necroing old threads (even your own) is generally frowned upon and necroed threads will be locked and/or deleted.

- No Begging (for money, ARP, upvotes or anything else)

- Posts containing referral links are only allowed if you also include non-referral links to the same service with clarification which is which

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