Battlefield V - we have the first trailer and all the important information

Battlefield V - we have the first trailer and all the important information

Electronic Arts and DICE today revealed a new Battlefield game called Battlefield V. It was confirmed that the series returns where it started - in World War II. But DICE has come up with a fresh approach to this great conflict, focusing on the locations we have not seen so far in two thousand and something WW2 games.

The multiplayer segment will be expanded with new modes. We will see the Airborne mode in which in the style of battle royale to match we'll arrive by air. The Operations mode will increase on the scale and will be called Grand Operations, it will support up to 64 players and have 3 to 4 stories per match. From the other multiplayer modes, Conquest, Frontlines, Domination, TDM and Breakthrough have been confirmed.

For the first time after Battlefield 3 returns a co-operative game mode called Combined Arms for four players. The first trailer was focused on this co-op mode. Missions in this mode will be procedurally generated.

Singleplayer campaign also returns but in a format what kind of had Battlefield 1, War Stories that will deliver us stories from the perspective of many different characters. One of these stories is about a member of the Norwegian resistance movement.

In the game we will use a wide assortment of weapons and vehicles, standard for World War II, but also an arsenal that will include some experimental weapons. Of course, in the game will also be able to fly planes, ie. different types of aircraft.

A large focus will be placed on building forts. Instead of a gas mask from Battlefield 1, in V, all players will have tools with which they can fix things. The second focus will be on individualization of players through the so-called The Company; sort of a clan within which players can customize their looks - clothes, camouflage and similar. Cosmetic items will be able to unlock by playing, and developers say Battlefield V is by no means a pay 2 win game. Skill is still key, they say.

As far as new abilities is concerned, now all classes will be able to resurrect teammates even though the Medic class has not disappeared. Stationary weapons will be able to place on the vehicles, and it is also convenient an introduction of turning on the back while prone. Moreover, animations of throwing yourself on the ground will be more realistic so players can be thrown into a prone position sideways, backwards and similar.

The good news for fans is that there will no longer be premium content, ie premium passes. In other words, all additional content will be free for buyers of this game.The game will be constantly developed in multiplayer through so called Tide of War service that will bring various events.

Battlefield V comes out on October 19th this year for PC, PS4 and XBOX. If you are a subscriber of Origin Access or EA Access, the game will be available to you October 11th. The Deluxe Edition version will be available on October 10th. Pre-ordering this game before release gets you an early access to the beta test. The game will be able to test in  the open beta before coming out. More details about Battlefield V will be revealed in June at EA Play 2018.

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nice, battlefield series are my favorite FPS games ever.

Peppa Pig~~~


Good to return to basics

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Quick teaser I had to rewatch a couple of times!


Awesome can't wait!!!




Looks good.




Cool looking forward to it.


looks awesome



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The most immersive Battlefield so far has been announced with the first trailer. Check out what looks like the return of Battlefield to the 2nd World War.

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