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[Solved] Persistent Notifications

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ADMIN UPDATE: You can now clear all pending notifications by going to your notifications page.  


Are you constantly seeing a notification alert for a notification that's not even there? 

Do you feel like there is a ghost trying to contact you but you can't communicate over the ethereal plane because duh, you're an organic creature stuck in a different reality, and that kind of medium is only available to depressed little kids who somehow friend a ghost without telling said ghost that hes a ghost just so we can be amazed at the end that we didn't figure it out (unless you just saw it recently and then there is just no way you could have gone into it without already being spoiled)?  

But, I digress.  

We know some of you have the bug, which occurred after our recent notifications update. To clear it though, we need to know who its effecting.  Please reply to this thread indicating you have a phantom notification that just won't go away so we can rid you of these demons..... soon™.

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That's like spoiling a certain guy from its sand people tribe that turns out his father was the intergalactic tall black asthma robot that had a telekinetic choking fetish living inside a planet-sized mechanical ball that is arguably designed by the worst space architect in the entire galaxy. 

But yes i also see dead people.

Notifications... I don't like persistent notifications, they're coarse and rough and irritating and they get everywhere...

12 of them btw

Thanks Sheriff!

Notifications are working again... Well played.

Still have 22 stuck tho.

stucc at 38 lmao


Sulimen said:

Вот как баловать некий парень из его племени песчаных людей, что оказывается, его отец был межгалактический высокие черные астма-робота, телекинетик захлебываясь Фетиш, живущим внутри планеты размером механический шар, который, вероятно, рассчитан на худшие места архитектора во всей галактике.

Но да, я тоже вижу мертвых людей.


Ahhhh, my inner OCD me is now appeased...

Thanks again

i dont understand but i lost all my arp points and back for lv 1, and im lv 4