Announced The Division 2

Announced The Division 2

Ubisoft's The Division is out for two years and has become much better in that period than by release. However, Ubisoft will not have to deal with that title no longer because in collaboration with Massive Entertainment its already preparing a sequel - Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

"It wasn’t an easy decision, but there are so many stories and so many experiences that we wanted to explore within the world of The Division that we felt a sequel was the best way to explore these things," explains creative director Justin Gerighty.

For now, it has been confirmed that The Division 2 has been developing for two years and will use a new version of Snowdrop engine, which means it will look even more spectacular than the original one. More details about the game will be revealed at this year's E3 in the middle of the sixth month.

The arrival of sequel does not mean that the original game will lose support. During this year, it will receive a few major updates, but after that, the focus will probably shift to the sequel.

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Can look forward to a little bit


That could be good!


I think the start will be better than the original.


wait for E3 <3


New version will be nice

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The Division was a good game but at first it had a lot of problems, i hope they learned from the first one.


Why can't companies like Ubisoft, EA and Activision take their time for once and come up with something unique, instead of just making sequels that are basically the same game as the original and have little to no improvements like Destiny 2..


very nice, looking forward to it

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i dont play origin games recently


I would like to see the trailer

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Ubisoft's The Division will get its heir, and we will get the first details at E3 this year.

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