Trump vs Video Games

Trump vs Video Games

I was watching Good Morning America and this came up. Here is a link to some information:


What was discussed was that, video games, especially the massively popular Fortnite are to blame for violence. Then Good Morning America went into Game Addiction as a mental disorder and how playing video games is like an illness.

This was already discussed in a previous news report here:


So, instead of going out to actual websites and game communities to see the news and articles they already had, video games was just chosen as the cause for the violent acts. Our own research as video game players and responses to such research show that video games are not the cause. And above all game, choosing Fortnite over even PUBG was the biggest mistake. Fortnite is more of cartoon violence and even has that Disney 3d animation appeal or even close to the classic old movie: Small Soldiers. It does not even come close to the violence of Grand Theft Auto which was the previous most popular video game to be blamed.

Overall, this discussion and scrutiny on video game players and video games is getting out of hand. Just thought you all should know.


Side Website Note: here is one that is one that really shows how little high ranked people know about video games:
(Image was taken from that website as well)

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in principle, nothing new
as always blame games


why clean up your mess, go against several lobbies and piss off several important people when you can simply blame it on videogames, or rock music in the past?


I think its because of Mario and Tetris xD


I just say Trump...


Just look ~ not talking


No one will ever forbid a game


It's always easy to blame it on the "newer" medium...there was a time when the TV was the root of all evil, now it's the games...^^




thx for news


Total control over everything, we are being watched)

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So much school shooting nowadays and what does the U.S. President blame? Video Games. Not just any, but of all the ones, chose Fortnite.

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