SCUM In the News

SCUM In the News

In SCUM, characters will be affected by the rain and the sea/pool water, it also promises to feature some of the most advanced systems we’ve ever seen as players can catch a cold if they stay in the rain.

Cloths can get heavier and different cloths will absorb different levels of water.

SCUM handles wetness per body part along with separate layers of cloths that can have different levels of wetness also. This means that parts of your gear can be dry or wet depending on what you do.

Players will also be able to dry their cloths via different ways (like walking or by using the sun or the wind).

SCUM will appear on Steam Early Access in the first quarter of 2018.

New gameplay trailer showcases Vaulting and Climbing mechanics:

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You can drown if wearing too much stuff - lol ;)

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This looks like it could be interesting if well executed. Hopefully it won't turn into another Day-Z .


It looks good so far


I didn't know about this game. Looks impressive so far!


Cool name of the game.


I think I'll fall asleep after I play this game for 10 minutes.


looks good the game, shall get some day to try it







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