BIOS update (v1.4.4) for Alienware 15R2/17R3 - Has Broken Graphics Amplifier Functionality

BIOS update (v1.4.4) for Alienware 15R2/17R3 - Has Broken Graphics Amplifier Functionality

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To whom this may concern.

I had an Alienware Graphics Amplifier connected to my Alienware R2 laptop, which was also connected to a GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, and a MG28UQ Asus Gaming Monitor. Now only the laptop works on its own, the rest dysfunctional. Why?

Ever since I installed the new urgent BIOS update, my Alienware Laptop has started showing many problems and issues. Such inconveniences of which I still cannot fix, even with the help of a customer support agent. 

These are a few examples of problems that I have started to encounter:

1) It has become very slow, unresponsive, and laggy.
2) Connecting an Amplifier only makes it worse, ironically amplifying the DECREASE in performance and responsiveness.
3) In addition, if the Amplifier has a connected Monitor, then the system completely goes haywire, and ends with a black non-responsive screen.
4) The PC refuses to shutdown, leaving a black screen, but the LED lights of logo and keyboard remain on, as well as a hot system still running in the background.
5) My Device Manager has also identified and found a problem with a driver. (Trusted Platfrom Module 2.0)
6) Games no longer run and would crash upon launch, get stuck, and/or activate a BSOD.

I honestly have reasons to believe that the latest BIOS update has severed functionality of the Amplifier.
The graphics card within is no longer in use, and the monitor does not respond or behave correctly. 

I wanted to revert back to the previous version of (v1.3.12), in which everything was working fine as intended before, but was denied by the setup wizard and also told by an agent of customer support that I could not.

If this latest BIOS was as urgent as it's described, then please fix the amplifier issues as well as the drives, and release a newer optimized version. This has put everything from my rig setup of Alienware tech to halt, and I am very displeased.

As requested by the agent I spoke to, here's the information you might need:

Operating System: Windows 10 (Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299)
System Model: Alienware 15 R2
External GPU: ASUS GTX 1080 Ti
BIOS Version/Date: Alienware 1.4.4, 08-Jan-2018
Alienware Graphics Amplifier: 452-BBRG (Reg Model:  Z01G | Reg Type No.: Z01G001)

In addition, here's information I've copied and pasted regarding the Driver issues that this BIOS update has caused:
Device Encryption Support: "Reasons for failed automatic device encryption: TPM is not usable, PCR7 binding is not supported, Hardware Security Test Interface failed and the device is not InstantGo, Un-allowed DMA-capable bus/device(s) detected, Disabled by policy, TPM is not usable"
Device Manager problem: "Trusted Platfrom Module 2.0 has a driver problem"
Thank you for your time and understanding, I look forward to seeing your accommodation in progress and expect a fix as soon as possible.
Sincerely, an Alienware member,
Sharif (SH3RIFFO)

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I'm having this exact same issue!  It's driving me crazy.  I just updated my BIOS yesterday and now my Alienware 17R3 won't shut down and I'm getting the same Device Manager error messages about my Trusted Platform Module 2.0.