What's the best trailer for a game you've ever seen?

What's the best trailer for a game you've ever seen?

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For me, it is the trailer for Dead Island 1, although the game does not have the same dramatic style as the trailer, it was very well done.

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I think these two should get some prizes for best trailers. I think they're fantastic.

My internet is better than yours.


I'd say this one :

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Great trailer...shame about the game...


I never play the game but I liked the trailer 

I'm Just Warming Up!


The Witcher III cinematic trailers were awesome!  And I agree, the AC Unity trailer was way better than the game ...


The Evil Within 2


I agree with you, i love Dead Island Trailers especially 1 but when i played the first one... well i felt kinda let down


Well, this trailer is from a DLC character, but it's from a game, so I guess it counts.


best game trailer is The Last of Us 2 ... make me excited for 2018