Google allegedly prepares a rental service for games

Google allegedly prepares a rental service for games

Google knows very well that video games are an inevitable part of the modern world. Gaming is like that one amongst the most popular themes on YouTube, and gaming devices are among the most popular searches when consumer electronics are in question. With that in mind, we would not be surprised that Google will offer a gaming service in the future that will compete with all other platforms.

If its to trust the report of portal The Information, Google in preparation has service code name "Yeti" that will be used to stream video games over the Internet. It would be a service on the line of what offers PlayStation Now or GeForce Now, among others.

In short, it's a way alongside with a subscription to access a particular game base that you can play independently of whether you have the right platform. For example, with PS Now on the PS4 console you can play PS3 games, while with GeForce Now on a cheap laptop you can play demanding PC games.

Google's "Yeti" is allegedly under development for two years, and that something is happening around gaming in Google says also the involvement of Phill Harrison, former executive director of Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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This is all good, but the price of such services is very high. Yes, and requires a good internet.


Google never met a market they didn't want to control


Maybe with right price it will be some "revolution"..


hope the prices won't be high.


Hope to have many good games!!


After Google partnered with walmart I stopped caring about and using Google.

Vote with your wallet.


Nice to hear this awesome news.



thank you alienwarearena


google means to me many rents less games

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According to a portal report, Google is currently developing strategy of launching service for streaming and rental of videogames.

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