Alienware 17 R4 reaches 90 degrees celcius

Alienware 17 R4 reaches 90 degrees celcius

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So as it says in the title, when I'm gaming the laptop reaches 90+ degres celcius. It's a little too hot for my liking and fans spinn up to max. I've had the thing for 2 days now, brand new so dust isn't an issue. I've looked at thermal repasting but to be honest I don't want to do it, pluss does it really have that much of an impact doing a repaste still?

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According to intel the CPU should be able to handle 100 degrees before throttling ( but IIRC there were some early issues with the 6700 HQ and it's temperature profile.  Have you updated to the latest BIOS?


A higher grade thermal past can reduce it by a few degrees but is it getting that high at just using windows and basic computer tasks or is this when running games?


W40 in all fans!