Alienware Alpha R2 upgrade

Alienware Alpha R2 upgrade

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Yes, but only the i7-6700T.  The processors with a T at the end use way less power and generate way less heat.  The i5-6400T and i7-6700T both use 35W.  In contrast, the Core i7-6700K uses 91W.  The relatively small Alienware Alpha case and power supply were designed for 35W, not 91W.  Best of luck with the upgrade.  


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i was here






The graphics amplifier with a good card would be better if you can find a decent deal.

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So I have an Intel Core i5-6400T CPU @ 2.20GHz with 8GB RAM in the photo but I was wondering if I could purchase a i7 CPU and put it in without buying a new Alpha R2. Can someone please help me cause I really wanna get myself one before FarCry 5 comes out cause I really want to play that and Dying light.
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